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Information on Management: Home

Essential Places to Start

When looking for overviews of topics general web sites such as Wikipedia are adequate and we would also recommend the texts below.


Where does Management Literature come from?

The literature of Management is similar to that of other disciplines.

Format in its context is irrelevant. On the other hand understanding when and in what context information was produced determines its scope, audience and its relevance to your work.

What is a Scholarly Article?

As you can see from the Information Cycle there is a point where scholars and academics get interested and start to write on a topic.

As a student you too are engaged in scholarly communication.


Scholarly communication has a number of important qualities which include:


Is 'popular' a problem?


Management and leadership is about making things happen, and in many contexts this means making profits.

Managers are often under severe pressure to achieve 'results' and to make efficiencies.

This need in turn generates a growing demand for books and information on how to solve issues and contributes to an extensive popular literature on management. Just look at the book shelves in an airport next time you travel.

There is nothing incorrect about this literature but it is important to distinguish it from scholarly work.

The clip above may help.

Examples of Popular Literature