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Sports: Welcome

Useful resources and services for students of Sport and Enterprise.

Welcome to DkIT Library Sports

In this guide you'll find information for students of Community Sports Leadership and Sports, Exercise and Enterprise. We also suggest that you look up our guides on Social Care, Business, and Information Skills, for other resources in your area. These are Library search engines and databases that you may find useful:


Journals are academic publications that appear at regular intervals. The research will be more up-to-date than in academic textbooks, as they have a shorter publishing cycle. Articles and research are examined by other experts in the field before publication (peer review). So they are a great source of information for your assignments and essays. 


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Suggested Databases

Online collections of articles and other material. Use MultiSearch to search for material across all databases at once. 

Google Scholar

If you use Google to search, consider using Google Scholar to search specifically for academic information.

You can also customize Google Scholar to search for full text articles and books from DkIT Library:

  • Click 'Settings' at the top of the Google Scholar homepage, then 'Library Links'
  • Enter "Dundalk Institute of Technology" and search
  • Tick the box beside "Dundalk Institute of Technology" and save

Now when you run a search on Google Scholar, your results list should include full text links to  'Find it @ DkIT Library'.