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History: Communication Process in History

Information Literacy

How Historians Communicate

'What historians believe in is the need to study and analyse the sources as objectively as is humanly possible' 

Arthur Marwick. The new nature of history ... p 154

World War One - the 100th Anniversary of it's beginning.

Primary Sources

'The discovery and analysis of primary sources alone does not make history, but without the study of primary sources there is no history'

Arthur Marwick, The new nature of history, p 156

Primary Sources

In the course of your research you may need to look at primary sources.  While more and more sources are being digitalised the majority of primary sources are held in major reserach Libraries and public historial libeaeies such as the National Library of Ireland and the National Archives.  

Please look at the data offered under Archives & E Archives to find sources of interest

In order to access these collections you will need a Letter of Introduction from DkiT. Find out about that below.

In the Libray it would be worth while consulting any of the following:

Exploring history, 1400-1900 : an anthology of primary sources / edited by Rachel C. Gibbons. 909.08 GIB

A guide to the sources for the history of material culture in Ireland, 1500-2000 / Toby Barnard. 941.5 BAR

Sources for the history of landed estates in Ireland / Terence A.M. Dooley 941.4 DOO

Irish records : sources for family and local history / by James G. Ryan 929209415 RYA

 Sources for local studies/by Willian Nolan - 941.5 NOL


Primary Sources are essential to the study of history, they are the traces and clues left by the past.






Tips for Assessing Information in History

Think about who produced this source - where, when and why this document was created

When was the source published the closer to the time an event occurred the better the detail 

Analysis the content and point of view critically

Remember all sources are biased in some way

Cross reference both primary and secondary sources to get a clearer view point

To access the contents of written information (source book) view the table of contents, footnotes and bibliography to see how extensive the research was

Has the authors name been cited in other sources or bibliographies

Database "Web of knowledge" is a great source for searching topics and checking citations