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Agriculture and Food: Why use the library?

Why use library resources?

In your college assignments you will need to show that you researched your topic using good academic quality resources.

The Library purchases both print and online resources so that you can access free them of charge. These are good quality resources that have:

  • gone through an editorial process
  • been chosen by your lecturers

and are unlikely to be available for free via Google.

You will need to evaluate any information you plan to use in your coursework. See  Evaluating Your Sources for help.

Video courtesy of NEIU Ronald Williams Library

Video courtesy of La Trobe University Library

Using the Library

Starting your assignment

You generally can’t type your assignment title into Google and get the answer. Instead, you need to research and combine information from lots of places.

There may be one correct answer, but often there are many ways to approach the same question.

What about Wikipedia?

Wikipedia might be useful for background information but cannot always be trusted for academic purposes.

Use it as a starting point but avoid referencing it in your assignments.

The videos below talks about using Wikipedia along with other useful tips.

Video courtesy of Dublin City University Library

Finding quality information

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