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Doing Assignments: A Guide for Second & Third Year Students: Finding Literature & Information

Where Does Information Come From

Before starting your research it is worthwhile reminding yourself about the way information is produced. 

Information is very much a process and a cycle of activities.

Getting Books & Articles Not Held by the Library

Depending on what you are looking for you may find that our Library does not have a title that you need or information about a topic that you are seeking information on. 

Lots of information and topics are covered in material published as printed articles and books. These can be found using indexes and library catalogues such as COPAC below.  

The Inter Library Loans service enables us to borrow items from other collections and make it available to you. More details are given below, including ordering information

Finally it is generally possible to visit other Libraries and to consult their print collections on site. Many Libraries require a Letter of Introduction. Please inquire at the Library & Information Desk about this.

Deciding Which Information is Best to Use

Choosing the right information and sources to use will ensure that your work is accurate, relevant and reliable.  

Different disciplines have slighly different ways of communicating but in general following the guidelines below will ensure that your sources are relevant

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