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Information Literacy in Secondary Schools: Career opportunities

Sessions delievered in Secondary Schools about information


Future skills needs:

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2015 National skills bulletin

  • (ICT) Information and Communication Technology
  • Engineering
  • Sales/Customer care
  • Health
  • Business and Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Logistics






Vacancy overview report 2014 (Published 2015)

The Economic and Social Research Institute

Provides information on the current labour market dynamics and future occupational forcasts

Other sources to help with employment law, Job interviews

National and local newspapers

  • Irish Independent
  • Irish Times
  • Argus
  • Democrat

          (All the above papers can be view for free in DkIT daily)


  • Essentials of Irish Business Law 346.006 KEE
  • Industrial Relations in Ireland 331.09417 WAL
  • Brilliant answers to tough interview questions 650.144 ROD
  • Presentation skills for students 658.452 VAN


Journals:       Business and Finance

Local Radio:        LMFM       (Job search is broadcast Monday – Friday at 4:20pm)

Basic rights and responsibilities of employers and employees:

Citizens Information

  • Contracts and terms of employment
  • Employment legislation
  • Minimum wage
  • Employment equality
  • Health and safety in the workplace

About Job searching

Looking for a job

Jobs in Dundalk

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