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Library Training: Teaching Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Library Teaching Philosophy
As a Library our role is to support and facilitate learning, education and knowledge creation.  We promote Information Literacy as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL): a set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.”

This is expressed in ways as diverse as how we arrange the Library space, how we catalogue and make material accessible, how we curate collections and of course in our face to face dealings with readers.  

As a Library we believe learning happens when:

  • We facilitate scholarly conversations – written or oral
  • We assist in the socialization of learners into academic communities and spaces
  • We create opportunities and spaces to critically engage with, and reflect on the Information Environment

We believe that learning happens best when we work together with learners and aim to be learner-centred in all our facilitation and teaching.  In our face to face classes and instruction we promote learning by asking learners to engage with, think about, inquire into the Information Landscape and by giving them time to practice and discover for themselves.  

In our teaching our goals are:

  • To facilitate learners to discover the Information Context they operate in as both learners and citizens
  • To empower learners to see themselves as, and to become, active creators of information and not just consumers
  • To work with learners to develop and enhance the skills they need to operate and create in a scholarly context
  • To promote critical thinking and questioning
  • To use Threshold Concepts as a way to promote deeper understanding

In order to do this work we ask everyone in the Library to engage in professional development, to commit to learning, to develop our skills, explore new things and to reflect on our practice.  
We seek better ways of knowing our impact and whether we make a difference. Many of us who teach face to face will seek feedback from you. You are welcome to submit feedback to us at any time. 
We also gather and analyse data to measure our impact.

In our work we are continually engaging with peers and other Libraries whose scholarship and practice inspires ours.  CELT and the many academics in DkIT who are engaged with teaching also inspire and influence our work.

We welcome partnerships with academics and opportunities where our mutual skills and approaches can assist learners.

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