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Welcome to the Library: Printing, Computers & IT

Pay Station for Printing

Before you print/photocopy you will need to put money on your printing account.  There is a Pay Station for Printing located on Floor 1 of the Library.  

There are two other Pay Stations for Printing on campus.  They are located in the Muirhevna Building beside room N114, and in the Carroll’s Building beside room P1046.

Computers and Laptops


PCs are available on both floors of the Library and in various study rooms. PC users must accept the ICT Terms and Conditions of Use and adhere to DkIT's Social Networking Policy.


Usernames and passwords

Students are provided with a username and password at registration. Library Staff don't have access to these details, so contact Computer Services if you have problems logging on.


Saving your work and automatic log out

  • You should save your work to My Documents. Work saved to My Documents will be available to you from any PC when you log on.
  • You are automatically logged out from Library PCs after 15 minutes of inactivity and you will lose any work that has not been saved.
  • Make sure you log out from your account when you are finished so that nobody else can access it.



All software on Library PCs is managed by Computer Services. Contact them with any queries.


Borrowing a laptop

A number of laptops are available to borrow from the Library Information Desk. These can be used in the Library for two hours at a time. The laptops offer some of the applications available on the desktop PCs and you can also use them for printing.

You need a current student card to borrow a laptop. Your Library account should also be free from fines or overdue loans.


Booking a PC

PCs on each floor may be booked by students. You may be asked to log off a PC if someone else has booked it. 

Students can book a PC online for one hour at a time if the booking is made 30 minutes in advance. Log in using your Institute username and password. A booking confirmation will be emailed to you. Laptop desks can also be booked.

Printing Support


There are 3 printers on Floor 1 of the Library. You will need your student card to print/photocopy.

View the guide for printing/photocopying instructions and printing prices.

You can log on to a PC to print or use mobile printing. There is one express printing PC on the first floor of the Library. Documents sent to print can be collected from any printer on campus within 24 hours. There are more printers in the Muirhevna Building, in the Carroll’s Building and beside the Coffee Dock in the North Building.

Top up your printing account using the moneyloader on Floor 1 of the Library. There are also moneyloaders in the Muirhevna Building beside room N114 and in the Carroll’s Building beside room P1046.

Need help?
As student printing is managed by an external company, Library staff are unable to help with queries. Instead, speak to the printing engineer on the first floor of the Library, email or phone 087 6172596.

The printing engineer is usually on campus:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00am - 1:30pm and 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Friday: 9:00am - 1:30pm and 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Visit the student printing website for more information.


Backing up your work

You have worked hard on your essay, the last thing you want to happen to is to lose all this hard work by not saving your work properly.

We recommend you save your work in more than one location, so you have a back up incase anything goes wrong.  

You can save your work to your student drive, email it to yourself or save it to a USB.  But be careful as each year hundreds of USBs are lost in the Library, so its good to have your work backed up in more than 1 place.

Never save your work to the desktop as it will not be there the next time you login.  

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