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Grey literature: Reports

What are reports?

A report is defined as a a formal account of the proceedings or transactions of a group.  Reports in a research sense are usually made by organisations or governments about different aspects of research that are not published formally in any sort of academic publication. It has Information about any statistics related to government and businesses not seen any where else. The sources below should provide useful information. reports

Publications created by the government can be narrowed down to department in the search bar.

OCED Publications

Allows researcher to search for publications written by the OECD, useful for economic trends.

Some other great sources

House of the Oireacthas- Library and Reserach Services

Provides a way to search documents related to current policy in the Dail and Oireachtas.

Nasa Technical reports servers

Provides access to various reports undertaken by NASA relating to numerous scientific topics which can be accessed free of charge. 

Another resource

For a more expansive list relating to health in particular please go to link below.

World health organisation publications

Provides access to the publications created by the world health organisation relating to health issues throughout the world.

Hewlet packard laboratory reports

Provides reports on various experiments involving tech done by the HP laboratory. Easily searchable to find specifically what you want. 

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