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Grey literature: Datasets

What are datasets?

Datasets are collection of raw research data that can include government statistics. Datasets have become more easily accessible due to open data requirements whereby governments commission data gathering within a country and allow the results to be reused and repurposed.  


Pubchem provides information and data around various chemical compounds.

UN Data

UN data is a free service that allows you to search major demographic trends across a huge range of countries. Allows for searches of datasets on niche sets of data  through specific filters. 

Open data ireland

Open Data Ireland promotes innovation and transparency through the publication of Irish Public Sector data in open, free and reusable formats. Data available include heath outcomes and economic outputs. 

World bank

The world bank provides access to multiple economic and climatic indicators that can be narrowed down to specific countries. 



Gapminder is a website that allows you to search across open data sets from a  wide variety of countries and organizations on multiple different types of indicators that allow the cross- comparison of countries on numerous indicators. 

Other sources

For a more comprehensive list please go to the following two libguides. 

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