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Grey literature: Preprints

What are preprints?

Preprints are papers which are presented to an audience before peer-review and the formal publication begins. They can be highly useful as they may contain experiments not formally published in the end and may also contain more details than  the published articles as they are in unabridged form before the publisher specifications come into play. However you should be cautious as they may be of less quality due to being before they have been peer-reviewed. 




Provides access to Open access items including preprints in Irish research. Allows the search for conference proceedings and also theses.

Conservation preprints

Provides access to preprints relating to work on conservation laws 

Cog Prints

Provides access to thousands of pre-prints around cognitive subjects.

Royal college of surgeons repository

Open access to research carried out by researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons can be fully searched and downloaded. Including preprints and white papers.

Bio Rxiv-

A preprints server for biology. 

Public health well

Can use a search that allows users to search through and find open access preprints and reports which can be freely download that deal with both Ireland and Northern Ireland`health issues.

Cern document server

Provides access to CERNs server with 100s of thousands preprints. 

Health board open research

The health research board deals with research around health in the Republic of Ireland and its open research aspects allows the downloading of numerous articles which range from preprints to final articles and all are very useful. 

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