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Grey literature: Open access

What are open access articles?

Open Access publications are defined as publications that are digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. They can be used for literature reviews in showcasing research that you wouldn't find in most databases. Most of the databases below allow you you to look for grey literature, including preprints and dissertations . 

OAlster- Catalog of open access resources

A free database that can be used to search multiple open access repositories. 


Science open provides access to over 60 million publication that are easily downloadable. 

United states national agriculture library

Provides open access to various research articles funded by the US Agricultural department.

SIgma Repository

Provides access to open access articles about nursing.

World web science

Provides access to repositories from all over the world to provide a huge amount of research articles.


Provides a searchable database of datasets and research papers that are freely accessible.

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