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Infographic: Tools for making infographics

What tools

Down below are a set of tools useful for creating infographics. It must be kept in mind that though most features they have are free some of them may hide content behind pay walls so do realise you wont be able to see all the content unless you pay for it. 


Canva is a simple to use tool that allows anyone to make a high quality infrographic, in a small amount of time and with little training needed beforehand. It operates on a drag and drop function allowing for easy upload of images needed in the infographic which can be easily moved around the graphic as needed. It also has templates that can be used to begin the creation of the infographic. The basic package is all free but premium can be bought for 11.99 a month. Though this only adds in some time saving features so it’s not necessary. While useful it must be noted that Canva can’t do statistics and you will need to drag and drop any tables you want rather than directly inputting the data. Though apart from this it is an especially useful if you want a simple app for designing infographics.


Piktochart allows you to create infographics directly on the website itself. Unlike Canva it allows you to input data directly into the graph rather than dragging and dropping graphs. It also allows YouTube videos to be put in as well allowing the creation of a fully interactive infographic. That can be changed whenever it is required. The pro version is quite expensive compared to Canva though it is certainly more intuitive than Canva. Though you are locked out of certain useful features including only being able to make 5 visuals. Also the templates provided are far less varied that Canva. But for creating quality infographics, Piktochart would be better despite its limitations in its free versions. 


Visume is very similar to the other two services except for a few differences which includes the ability to create interactive infographics. It also allows you to quickly find templates by typing in keywords to get the one most suitable for you. However though this is all very useful, compared to the other two services the interface is a lot less sleek and the help options aren't great. However it does have features over the others including creating fully interactive infographics and searchable templates meaning it’s a great option despite it being slightly hard to use. 

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