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Infographic: Examples


Down below are some great example of infographics with an explanation of why they are great examples. 

Example 1

This infographic below is a great example of an infographic, as it use various types of graphs and charts to effectively convey a huge amount of information into bite size chunks and which can be seen visually without being explained in great detail while also using colors that compliment each other, allowing for a strong visualization. 

Example 2

This infographic is a great example of a timeline infographic, the facts it uses are well researched and the timeline is visually appealing showing in great detail exactly how the Internet works in a clear and concise way. The black and red color combo also work well together. 


Example 3

A good example of a simple infographic with little text but you understand what they are trying to say. The colors work well together and the colors of the bars in the charts make it very easy to understand exactly what the creator is trying to convey.  

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