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Welcome to the Library: Library Space

Different spaces in the Library are designated for different types of learning:


Green Zones:

Whisper-level zone, for groups of two or less.

This covers Floor One and all areas where Readers move around






Where To Study: A Quick Guide

  • 4 or more people studying together quietly: Book a Group Study Room
  • 3 people studying together quietly: Use a walk-in room or book a Group Study Room
  • 2 people whispering: Floor 1
  • Silent, individual study: Floor 2


Blue Zones:

Whisper-level zone, for groups of three or more. This covers the Group Study Rooms.

Rooms are available on Floors One and Two on a walk-in basis. 

The Annaverna, Whitaker, Mourne and Avoca Rooms are also available for groups to book for one hour.


Gold Zones:

Silent zone, for individual silent study.

This covers Floor Two.







Bookable Study Rooms

The Library has 4 bookable study rooms

Book the room online for up to a maximum of 1 hour per day If you have to do group work, they are a great place to work on a project or study together. 


*NB: The Library prioritizes student access to Group Study Rooms in term time. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bookings by staff in term time unless by prior arrangement. If you need a Group Study Room please contact a member of Library Staff.

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