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Planning and Booking your Library Visit: Onsite Access

Planning your visit to Library

Important Notice

We are adjusting the booking systems in line with Level 5 restrictions. 

It will be available to book again on Tuesday 27 October.


To physically visit the library to study or to browse the collection you will have to book these visits with us.

In the current circumstances the library has to limit access of visitors to 20 registered Students and Staff of DkIT.

We also need to keep a record of those who have come to the library for contact tracing purposes.

Please click on buttons below to schedule your visit and we will confirm your appointment as soon as possible.

Please be aware that access to the library is for 90 mins blocks for PC/Space booking and 30 mins for Browsing the library collections.

Access to library is controlled at entrance, so plan your visit accordingly and have college ID with you.

We welcome your visit and thank you for your understanding as we endeavour to make your visit as safe and as rewarding as possible.

Booking a Study space or PC


Please reserve a study space on our booking portal.


Book Here


How to Book a study space / PC

  • Click on Booking Portal
  • Select the location and type of study space you require - PC or Study Space
  • Click "Show Availability"
  • Select a date and time for your visit from the 4 ninety minute blocks
  • Click on "Submit Time"
  • A Booking details page with the terms and conditions of use presents and you need to familiarise yourself with these 
  • Click on "Continue"
  • Enter your Name and DkIT email address
  • Your Booking is now "Pending" and will be mediated by Library staff
  • Once approved you will receive a booking confirmation to your email address
  • Go to library at appointed time 
  • Present your College id at door of library for access

Booking from L2L on Vimeo.

Browse Library Collection

Please reserve a time to browse the collection


Book a Time to Browse


How to Reserve a time to browse collection

  • Click on Booking Portal
  • Select a Time and date for your visit in available sessions 1-5
  • You will be asked to put in your Name and Email address (This is for contact tracing purposes)
  • Your Booking is now pending and will be mediated by Library staff
  • You will a confirmation email.
  • Go to Library at appointed time
  • Remember to have your College id with you at the door of the library
  • You are welcome to use the Self-service machine to borrow any of the collection items,

NB Please do not replace any items you handle onto the shelves. Instead leave any handled items in the trolley provided. (signage for this is provided)

Conditions of library usage

Conditions of on-site access

  • Book only days when you are scheduled onto campus for classes
  • Max time of visit is 90 minutes 
  • Please plan your visit and plan to come and stay bringing with you all you need.
  • Social Distancing guidelines are strictly adhered to within library - Signage provided
  • Face coverings are required in the Library 
  • Access only available to DkIT staff and students
  • Please arrive on time and at the designated booking time, otherwise access will not be permitted
  • Have booking confirmation ready to get access at library entrance
  • Book only if you are invited/timetabled to be on campus that day 9 - 5 pm 
  • Water is allowed but no food, no tea, no coffee etc 
  • Sanitisers are available 
  • Sanitise/clean PCs etc when you are finished
  • The study space will be cleaned once you vacate it - so you will be asked to vacate space promptly after allocated time
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