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Library Training: Research and Information Skills

Library Training

Libraries are all about learning. This inspires everything we do.

The Library offers a variety of classes that help students find and evaluate credible and peer-reviewed sources for their essays and assignments. This training is designed to develop students’ information and research skills, which will help them throughout their academic career. 

All classes are detailed below and can be booked online 2 weeks in advance.


Tour of the Library's spaces with a brief description of our core services.

Tours are available until October 5th 2019 so please book this first (we may not be able to offer them later as the library is busy and tours disturb others)
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An in-depth tutorial on finding, understanding and evaluating academic information for assignments.

Designed for 2nd year to postgraduate students who are familiar with the library and have a basic understanding of academic resources.

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A 15-minute tutorial at the beginning of your class. A member of library staff will provide a brief introduction or refresher on how to use the Catalogue or MultiSearch.  Only bookable by lecturers. 


An introduction to Mendeley, the free referencing and research tool.

Designed for students in 3rd, 4th or postgraduate years who are familiar with Harvard referencing

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If there are elements of library information and research you would like to focus on or need guidance with, booking a customised session will give you a catered class tailored to your information needs and queries.

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An introduction to the library and our resources and how to find quality information.

Designed for 1st year students or those unfamiliar with library resources and/or finding quality information.

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An introduction to DkIT’s Harvard referencing style and why referencing is important.

Designed for students who are familiar with the library and have a basic understanding of academic resources (books, journal articles, websites).

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Book a customised session with a library staff subject liaison to go through any specific issues you wish to address in your research, essays or assignments. 

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Lunchtime Classes  are run regularly throughout the academic year. Topics covered include Referencing, Mendeley and general queries. See our Lunchtime Classes calendar for details. Come along to any class that interests you. Mendeley classes must be booked in advance.

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