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Library Training: Research and Information Skills


Research and Information Skills (RIS) are classes the library provides that go over a wide range of skills vital for your students including introducing them to the library's resources, finding and evaluating quality information, and how to do Harvard Referencing properly. Due to the current circumstances, all classes will be online and done over conferencing software. We also intend to provide drop-in sessions on a variety of topics throughout the year where students can ask librarian questions relating to finding information or referencing. 

This year the library has provided moodle courses that go over these key skills. 

These are the following: 

Introduction to the library 

Finding information 

Introduction to Harvard referencing:

Getting started with Mendeley: 



Tour of the Library's spaces with a brief description of our core services.
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An introduction to the library and our resources and how to find quality information.

Designed for 1st year students or those unfamiliar with library resources and/or finding quality information.

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An in-depth tutorial on finding, understanding and evaluating academic information for assignments.

Designed for 2nd year to postgraduate students who are familiar with the library and have a basic understanding of academic resources.

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An introduction to DkIT’s Harvard referencing style and why referencing is important.

Designed for students who are familiar with the library and have a basic understanding of academic resources (books, journal articles, websites).

  1. Book Here


An introduction to Mendeley, the free referencing and research tool.

Designed for students in 3rd, 4th or postgraduate years who are familiar with Harvard referencing

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If there are elements of library information and research you would like to focus on or need guidance with, booking a customised session will give you a catered class tailored to your information needs and queries.

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A 15-minute tutorial at the beginning of your class. A member of library staff will provide a brief introduction or refresher on how to use the Catalogue or MultiSearch.  Only bookable by lecturers. 


Book a customised session with a library staff subject liaison to go through any specific issues you wish to address in your research, essays, or assignments. 

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