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The importance of copyright

Copyright is important because information has a value in many different forms including monetary and educational value. Copyright helps to protect that value by giving owners of a work the ability to protect their interests in the work. This means  preventing  significant copying of their work to the degree where they cannot sell it effectively.  In this way copyright encourages creativity, as it provides an incentive to creators to  allow them to gain rewards and recognition for their works. 

Library and electronic resources

DkIT library subscribes to a range of electronic resources and copying restrictions which are governed by licenses.

In most cases staff and students can:

Search and  retrieve items

Print and download for personal use

They do not allow :

Downloading a significant part of a database or the entire contents of a publication e.g. a full journal.  

Multiple copying of single items

Distributing copies

Removing any marking or copyright statement from copies made.

Using them for commercial purposes.


What changed in the 2019 act

The 2019 act has updated the provisions of the educational exceptions to include: 

That both copying and communicating the copy falls under the exceptions for education produced by the act.

The replacement of reproduction rather than reprographing of documents including digital forms of copying. 

Provisions for distance learning that allows the institution to communicate works of importance to distance students. Those students are allowed to make copies of those works. 

That as long as a sufficient acknowledgement is given copies can be made of works available through the internet.  

Copyright in Ireland

The Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Provisions Act 2019, enacted in June 2019, replaces the older Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000 and its amendments. Students and teachers should familiarize themselves with these laws.