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DkIT storage guide: Popular sources

Storage guide for DkIT. Includes reusable features and recommended style guide.

Truth in numbers...?

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia containing millions of articles. Anyone can write and edit the articles. This is seen by some as a weakness and by others as a strength. You can never be sure that the information is not biased, out of date or simply incorrect.

Wikipedia's supporters claim that the fact that so many people are constantly reviewing and updating the articles means that any inaccuracies are quickly spotted and corrected.

Wikipedia pros and cons



Freely available

Anyone can contribute, whether an expert or not

Some entries can be the most up to date  information available on obscure issues

Can be heavily biased

History of discussion on some topics which indicates the author’s point of view

Can be of substandard quality, subject to misinformation and error


May have useful references to follow up

Articles can be the target of deliberate misrepresentation or ‘vandalism’


Jisc and Wikimedia UK are currently collaborating on a project to bring the academic world and Wikipedia closer together.


Using Wikipedia for your assignments

Wikipediadosanddonts title=

How to use Wikipedia for your assignments

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