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Poster Design: Welcome

A short guide on creating posters

Poster design

Posters are an effective way to communicate your work  to others in a clear concise way.  A poster is a short, visual summary of your work, it should be eye catching, easy to read and be able to get the message across without being too wordy or busy.  Most conferences have a poster section, which provides a great platform to display new ideas and concepts as well as promoting your product.  It gives individuals the opportunity to show their creative side and creates conversation.  Posters are also widely used in colleges and university, they can be used in an informal way for advertising student promotions and nights out, or they can be used more formally for displaying your academic work.

This guide is designed to help you create posters that will get your work noticed, there are tips you can use to help you create more professional posters.

Find out what makes a good poster

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