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Business at DkIT: Journal articles & databases

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What is a journal article?

Journals are collections of articles that are published on a regular basis to report current research within a discipline.

  • A journal is made up of a number of volumes
  • Each volume is made up of individual issues
  • Each issue of a journal is made up of journal articles

Journal articles report specific aspects of the research covered by a journal.

(Murdock Uni)

What does "peer review" mean?

Peer Review means an Article that has been criqued by a panel of experts.

Academic Journal Ranking

Journal Ranking Guide

This is a Guide to the ranking and quality of Business and Management Research.

It can assist you in choosing which journal to aim for with your research and an idea of where the published work in your field is.

To access this guide free registration is required.

Click Here to link to guide.

Finding Online Articles Using MultiSearch

Project MUSE

Recent year full text access to 14 economics journals and the Advertising & Society Review.

Search Project MUSEĀ®

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