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DkIT Health Unit: Mental Health

Resources for Student Health in DkIT


The use of books for therapeutic purposes is known as ‘bibliotherapy’.  There is good evidence to show that the best self-help books can be highly effective in helping people with emotional problems such as depression, stress, anger, panic, low self esteem, anxiety and eating problems.

As well as interventions such as counselling or medication, people can be helped by reading appropriate ‘self-help’ material.  There is strong evidence that high-quality self-help books are useful in helping people to overcome a range of psychological problems.  Self-help books can be highly effective when used as the main source of help, or in addition to other supportive interventions. 

Attached is a list of recommended books which have been written by leading clinicians – psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.  All of these self-help books should be available in the library at DkITand all are accessible without prescription. Most of the books on the list include a description of a condition or difficulty but offer interventions that you can put in place your self.

Books in the Library

Counselling at DkIT

The Student Counselling Service is a professional, confidential counselling service provided to all registered students at DkIT.

Going to college is a wonderful experience for most people most of the time. However some of you may find the transition from school to college difficult, you may feel home sick and isolated, or you may have a sudden crisis like a bereavement or illness. You may be worried about a friend or just be confused about where you can get help. The student counselling service is here to help you through these times.

Other kinds of issues students look for help with include relationship difficulties, study problems, concentration difficulties, depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, family breakdown and sexuality/sexual identity.

To make an appointment to see a counsellor  simply call to the Counselling Service Centre in person or alternatively;


T: +353 (042) 9370247. 

Deciding to speak with a counsellor can be a positive step towards making life better for you.

You can also listen to our Intoduction to the DkIT Counselling Service Podcast here

Useful Links

ReachOut - The aim of ReachOut is to provide credible information, help, support and advice to college students around a range of topics that can affect your mental health & well-being such as anxiety, panic, and shyness; depression; eating disorders; bullying and personal safety; suicide and self-harm; family and friends; sex and relationships; alcohol, drugs and addiction; loss and grief; understanding schizophrenia and psychosis; and money, work and study.

It also provides a 'mental fitness' WorkOut Mobile App that targets your goal setting, problem solving, and identifyies your strengths and more.

Samaritans - Samaritans provides confidential non-judgemental emotional support, 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide.

They can be contacted on Tel. 116 123

AWARE - AWARE is a voluntary organization formed in 1985 by a group of interested patients, relatives and mental health professionals, whose aims are to assist that section of the population who are directly affected by depression.
You can phone AWARE's support line on 1890 303 302 or alternatively (01) 6766166
Open 7 days a week, 10am-10pm - is a youth-led media initiative covering all aspects of youth info, health, lifestyle and activism. aims to guide young people through life with quality information, support and inspiration as well as providing a platform for young people to express their opinions, realise that they are not alone and get heard.

GROW - GROW is a Mental Health Organisation which helps people who have suffered, or are suffering, from mental health problems. Members are helped to recover from all forms of emotional distress, or indeed, to prevent such happening. GROW has been in Ireland since 1969 and has a national network of more than 145 groups throughout the country.
If you would like to talk to somebody or find out information about your nearest group please call our infoline on 1890 474 474.
You can also phone GROW on 041 9839617.


Stop A Suicide - Developed by Harvard psychiatrist Douglas Jacobs, MD, Stop a Suicide Today! teaches you how to recognize the signs of suicide in family members, friends and co-workers, and empowers you to make a difference in the lives of your loved ones. It emphasizes the relationship between suicide and mental illness and the notion that a key step in reducing suicide is to get those in need into mental health treatment. Moreover, Stop a Suicide Today! aims to make clear that the expression of suicidal thoughts and behaviors is to be considered a medical emergency and treated as such.

Rape Crisis North East - Rape Crisis North East (RCNE) is a dedicated professional counselling service available to women, men and teenagers who have suffered as a result of Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse within the North East Region of Ireland.
Freephone Helpline: 1800 212122


Headstrong - Headstrong is an initiative with a mission to empower communities to support young people in Ireland aged 12-25 to achieve better mental health and wellbeing. Headstrong has introduced the concept of youth mental health to Ireland – it focuses on the mental health issues of people as they journey into adulthood.


Mental Health Ireland - Mental Health Ireland is a national voluntary organisation which aims to promote positive mental health and to actively support persons with a mental illness, their families and carers by identifying their needs and advocating their rights.
You can phone MHI on 01 2841166

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