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DkIT Health Unit: Personal Safety

Resources for Student Health in DkIT

Top Ten Tips

  1. Do not walk alone at night. Walk in numbers.
  2. When at all possible, stick to busy streets with lots of lighting and traffic. Do not take dodgy shortcuts.
  3. Try to avoid talking on your mobile or listening to an Ipod, as either will make you less aware of your surroundings and also advertise that you have something worth stealing.
  4. If you think you’re being followed, go to somewhere busy and flag down a taxi.
  5. Always make sure someone knows when you’re going out, if and when you’re coming back, and whom you’ll be with. When you’re on your way home, let someone know when to expect you.
  6. Only use licensed taxis and hackneys. Take note of the taxi licence number and key it into your phone or text it to a friend. When you arrive at your destination ask the driver to wait until you get inside the door before leaving again.
  7. Do not leave keys to your home in an easily accessible or guessable place. Everyone knows to look on top of the door frame, or under the mat, potted plant or just inside the letterbox.
  8. Always be aware of who’s around you when you go to an ATM. Do not use ATMs at night on isolated streets – always choose those with good lighting.
  9. Don’t be afraid to act assertively if you are uncomfortable or if you think someone is acting inappropriately.
  10. When you’re walking: avoid while out walking alone, if possible, heavily overgrown areas, alleys and little traveled side streets and high crime rate areas. Do walk with authority, displaying an air of confidence and purpose of destination. Be alert to your surroundings.
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