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Engineering: Websites

Introduction to resources for Engineering students

How do I evaluate a website?

Websites are good for keeping up to date.

But... ! Anyone can publish on the web, so it's important to evaluate the information you find by looking at:

  1. Who?   Who is the author? Is he/she a qualified expert with academic credentials and other publication in the subject?
  2. Why?   Why was it written? Is it fact based, opinion based? Is it intended to educate, inform, entertain, sell something?
  3. Where?   Where did the information come from? Is it a popular press publication, an academic publication, or something else?
  4. When?   When was it written? Has it been updated? Do newer editions or revisions exist?

Check our Evaluating Your Sources Guide for more tips.

Online Sources

In addition to our subscription databases there are plenty of online sources that provide useful information to support your research.  

See ConnectENG for a list of terms or tags that will direct you to online sources of information for engineering subjects.

Remember to check on to see the websites that lecturers recommend for specific modules


Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches scholarly papers instead of general websites.

You can set up Google scholar so that it will let you know when an item is available in DkIT Library. In Google Scholar:

  • Click on settings, the Library Links
  • Search for Dundalk Institute of Technology (not DkIT)
  • Tick 'Institute of Technology Dundalk' and save
Google Scholar Search
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