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Harvard referencing quick guide: Referencing software

An online guide to referencing and citing using the Harvard style

Referencing software

Referencing software is available to help you to write your citations and references. We recommend either of the following:

  • Mendeley: Useful for those with a lot of reading material to organise and reference, such as staff and also students who are in 3rd, 4th and postgraduate years.
  • ZoteroBib: Useful for those writing fewer references, such as students in 1st year.

Should you decide to use referencing software to help you, we strongly advise you to learn the fundamentals of referencing also. Software tools can sometimes give you the incorrect reference and you will need to be able to recognise and correct this.

Getting started with Zotero Bib

Go to

In the "Cite" bar, enter either the URL for a web source, the ISBN of a book, the DOI or PMID number of an article, or the title of a source (numbers sometimes work better than titles). If none of those work, you can click Manual Entry and fill in the blanks.

Your bibliography appears on the page as you add sources. Use the blue bar to choose the DkIT Harvard Citation Style

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers its own built-in referencing feature.

However, it does not provide the DkIT-specific style of Harvard referencing so you will need to either:

  • edit your citations/references in Word
  • or type your citations/references manually into Word
  • or use another software tool such as Mendeley


We offer Mendeley training as a self-paced online tutorial on the Library Hub in Moodle. You will be asked to log in using your Moodle username and password.

After completing the online tutorial you can find out more by:

Further resources for Zotero Bib

ZoteroBib stores your work in the browser on the computer you're currently using. If you clear your browser cache, it deletes the bibliography.

You can use the Link to This Version feature to create a version you can send to someone else. More details are available here.