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Mendeley Reference Manager: Getting citations into Mendeley

A guide to the Medeley Reference Manager application.

Importing documents into Mendeley

Using the Web Importer

When you have a results list in Google Scholar, click on 'Import to Mendeley' in your bookmarks toolbar. If there are multiple documents, click the green plus sign next to each reference you wish to import.

If Google Scholar can find a freely available PDF, it will place a one-click download icon next to the reference.

Adding PDFs

You can add PDFs to Mendeley Desktop in two ways:

1. Use the 'Add Document' button located in the Mendeley Desktop toolbar:

2. Drag and drop PDFs into the middle column of Mendeley Desktop

In either case, Mendeley detects the document details (author, abstract, keywords, etc.). Documents that Mendeley cannot find details for go into the 'Needs Review' section for manual verification.

Needs Review section

Mendeley detects document details (authors, abstracts, keyword, etc.) for all documents added to your library. If Mendeley is unclear about document data for a newly imported document, it will add that document to the 'Needs Review' section of your library for manual verification.

If you prefer not to enter this information manually, Mendeley give you two options for searching for this data:

1. Use Mendeley's 'document details' lookup feature

2. Use Google Scholar

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