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Music: Books & E-books

Using books

Find books using our online catalogue. Books are organised by location (e.g. Main Shelves) and by shelf number (e.g. 658).

Visit our borrowing section for details of how many books you can borrow, or see our support section for tips on how to search for books.

Main Shelves
Most books are located on the Main Shelves. Shelf numbers 001 to 499 are on Floor 1. Shelf numbers 500 to 999 are on Floor 2.  The Fiction collection (shelf number 823) is on Floor 1 beside the stairs.

Short Loan
Short Loan books are kept behind the Library Information Desk and can be requested from a Library staff member. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
You can request a book if all copies of it are on loan to others. To do this, find the book on the catalogue and click the request button. We will email you when the book is ready for collection from the Library Information Desk.

If the Library does not own any copies of a book you need you may be able to request an interlibrary loan

Free book resources

In addition to the academic ebooks available to you via DkIT Library there are also lots of free E-books on the web. Some of the most popular sites are:

  • Google Books  - Titles in the public domain or not copyrighted are freely available. Other titles have previews or snippets available
  • Project Gutenberg  - over 40,000 free E-books from the first E-book website


Along with printed books, the Library has over 70,000 E-Books.

You can read them online, search within them, download them and print from them. E-Books can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection, so you don’t need to be in the Library to read them.

Find an E-Book by searching our online catalogue or visiting our various E-Book collections. 

For most E-Books, you will need to log in using your name and student number as they appear on your student card. Some E-Books will require you to log on with your institutional username and password, which are the details you use to log in to your DkIT email account. The directions on the screen will tell you which login details to use.

Recently added music books

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