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Creative Media: Journal articles & databases

A guide to help you with your studies in Creative Media.

What is a journal article?

A journal is similar to a magazine. Issues are available at regular intervals, such as every month. Often, journals are 'peer-reviewed' or 'scholarly'.

  • This means each article goes through an evaluation process to test it's accuracy, credibilty, relevance, and so on.
  • Peer-reviewed/scholarly articles are usually of a high academic standard.

Journals contain pieces of writing or research called journal articles.

This website summarises the difference between scholarly journals and popular magazines.

Video courtesy of NEIU Ronald Williams Library

What's a library database?

A library database is simply on online collection of information, such as:

  • journal articles
  • books chapters
  • book reviews
  • reports
  • conference papers

Sometimes only the abstract of a journal article will be available in a database but often you will be able to read the full text of the article too.

How do I find journal articles?

The easiest way to find a journal article is by searching MultiSearch. Log in with your network username and password to access full text.

  • This searches most of the Library's resources, including databases, at the same time
  • You may need to login using your name and student number to read an article

Another option is to search a individual database. The ones most relevant to your subject area are linked below, or you can click here to see all of our databases.

Can't find the full text of a journal article?

Need access to the full text of a journal article but can't find it in MultiSearch? Make an interlibrary loan request and we'll try to get it from another library for you.

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