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Research Support: Maximise your Research Impact

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Maximise your research impact

There is numerous ways to increase the impact of your research and have it reach more people.

Make it Open Access.

Submit it to high-impact journal.

Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make it findable by using relevant, clear keywords.

Use social media and academic networks to promote your articles.

For a full size text on increasing research impact  this free book is quite handy. 

The links below provide some tips on how to improve outreach on social media. 

Avoid confusion

Avoid any potential confusion over authorship when publishing: 

  • Always publish using the same name variant  - don’t alternate between using middle initials and/or shortened versions of your first name or between Irish and English versions of your name
  • Register for an ORCID ID and link this to your Researcher ID so that your work is not assigned to anyone with a similar   name by the Scopus author ID algorithm
  • Create a Researcher ID for Web of Science( Web of Knowledge)
  • Always use the same institutional name variant, Dundalk Institute of Technology