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Using Your Library: Borrowing & Returning


To borrow you will need either your Student ID Card or the library app. Bring your item to the Self-Service Machine.

How many items can I borrow?

  • Level 6/7/8 students: 8 items
  • Level 9 students (taught): 8 items
  • Level 9/10 students (research): 15 items
  • Staff: 15 items

Kindles are also available for borrowing: ask at the Library Desk.

For how long can I keep items?

Most items can be borrowed for 3 weeks. Some books are marked Library Use Only and can only be read in the library.

What if I need the item for longer?

Most items will renew automatically. 

What happens if the book I need is checked out to someone else?

Find the book on the catalogue and use the "Place hold" button. If you don't place a hold, the book will automatically renew and it may take some time for it to be returned.

When you place a hold we will email you when the book is ready for collection from the Library Information Desk.

What can I do if the Library does not have the book I need?
If the Library does not own any copies of a book you need you may be able to access it from another library.

Automatic Renewals


Books will automatically renew up to 3 times for students and 5 for staff. As long as no other student has requested your book(s), the due date will be automatically updated.

If someone else places a hold on the item, or if it has been renewed the maximum number of times, you’ll receive an email asking you to return it. 

If you no longer want the item you can return it at any time.

Returning books

Return books via our book returns unit just inside the entrance of the Whitaker Building. 

Library Communication


To help you manage your account effectively, the Library sends different email notifications to your student email address.

Courtesy notices are sent prior to the due date and on the day loans are due.

As items automatically renew, unless someone else requests the book or the book has renewed 7 times, you don't need to return the book when you receive the courtesy notice. 

You are responsible for ensuring that your items are renewed or returned on time.

Reservation notifications alert you via email when your reserved item/s are available to collect.

Home address

If you change address while in studying DkIT it is your responsibility to contact Registration so that your student account is updated.