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Using Your Library: Accessing E-Resources

Accessing E-Resources


This guide is about how to gain access to full text journal articles and other online content. 

When on campus, you may be able to access some e-resources without having to log in. When off-campus, you always have to log in to view full text.

If you are viewing an online resource but are not already signed in for full text access, look out for a Login link. Choose Dundalk Institute of Technology as your institution, then log in with your institute username and password.

Accessing Library e-resources

When searching for online content, academic papers and journal articles, it’s a good idea to start on the library database page or MultiSearch, as you will usually be prompted to sign in to view full text content. If you're on campus, you may be able to access some e-resources without logging in, but off-campus, you will always have to log in as a DkIT student or staff member.

Another good place to start is Google Scholar, as the html and pdf links on the right hand side of the articles, if available, allow you to view full text. You can also set up Google Scholar to view DkIT content (see below for setup).

Access Library resources via Google Scholar

On Google Scholar, go to Settings and select Library Links.

Enter Dundalk and select Find It @ DkIT Library, and save.

Run a search and click on the DkIT links for access.

EBSCOhost Passport Chrome Browser Extension

EBSCOhost Passport, now available in Google Chrome, inserts links to full text from web pages where DOIs (digital object identifiers) are present.

Install the extension by visiting Ebsco's Chrome webstore and click Add to Chrome. Search for and select your institution (INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DUNDALK).

Find Full Text access on the web by looking for “E icons” on the page or on the right-hand side:

  • access from your institution indicator icon Indicates access from your institution in an EBSCO Database (will direct you to access on EBSCOhost)

  • access publisher subscribed content icon Indicates access from your institutions publisher subscribed content (will direct you to access on the Publisher’s website)

  • open access content indicator icon Indicates the article is Open Access (will direct you to the preferred Open Access version via Unpaywall)

Click on the icon to access full text available from your institution (you may be asked to log in).

Problems logging into databases or viewing content?

Do not add or to your username when signing in.

Make sure you are using a valid password.

Clear cookies/history/cache on browsers regularly (eg on Chrome, go to More tools or Settings, and clear browsing data, or hit Ctrl-Shift-Delete. Restart the browser. This will log you out of websites).

Switch browsers – if an article won’t open using Chrome, try Firefox.

Try restarting your device.

If you are still having issues, contact us at

Access full text articles on publisher sites

On publisher platforms, if you don’t have full text access, look out for the option to sign in via your institution, and enter ‘Dundalk’.* (See below for an example of accessing an article on IEEE).

If DkIT has a subscription with the publisher, you should be able to choose DkIT from a dropdown list.

Sign in on the DkIT login page.

Look out for green subscription icons, or click on a PDF link.

*If you are asked to choose a Federation, look for Edugate or Ireland on the dropdown list. 

If you still don’t have access, don’t pay for content. Check if the library has a subscription by entering the journal title in Publication Finder via MultiSearch. It will show a full text link and what years we can access, if it’s available.

Ask a member of library staff for help if you’re not sure, or email

We can also request the article from another library. Make an Interlibrary loan request here.